Features & Benefits

Multiple Benefits

  • 24 hour Emergency Helpline with its telephone number on the ID Bracelet - providing a caring and personal service Day and Night.
  • Unique personal code on the ID Bracelet to enable you and the wearer to be swiftly re-united through our helpline service whilst keeping your personal information secure.
  • Patented closing mechanism making it virtually impossible for the wearer to remove and yet fully adjustable for comfort but can be removed by the Carer/family if necessary.
  • Waterproof and durable.
  • No mobile telephone, No App, No GPS (not a tracker).
  • No batteries so no charging - you will never have to worry about anyone being unprotected.
  • Awareness aid for vulnerable people fostering community caring and encouraging people to offer help.
  • Secure personal account, 24/7 accessible for updating information such as emergency contacts or medical info.

Emergency Helpline

Providing a vital, caring and personal service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once you have registered the Identity Bracelet on our website the Emergency service is “LIVE”.

Each identity bracelet clearly shows our Emergency Helpline telephone number and a unique personal code to enable rapid contact with the emergency contact persons.

Should the wearer of our Identity Bracelet wander off or be found to be confused or distressed, any member of the public or the Emergency Services will be able to call our helpline number (day or night). By using the unique personal code we will alert the contact person(s) and pass on relevant information to the Emergency Services should this be necessary.

Knowing there is someone on the end of the telephone ready and able to help in these situations gives enormous 'piece' of mind.

Patented closing mechanism

Virtually impossible to remove by wearer giving 'piece' of mind.

Safety is what our product is all about. Using our patented closing mechanism our bracelets are designed so they are virtually impossible to remove by the wearer. This ensures constant and easy identification.

Our WA bracelet is fully adjustable, waterproof, and strong but flexible to provide maximum comfort for the wearer. Adjustability is necessary to allow for changing health and weather conditions. The straps are made from TPEs so they are completely synthetic and latex free thereby minimising allergy risks.

Creating Visibility and Awareness

Helping others understand.

Our bracelet is an Awareness Aid, creating visibility and allowing others to offer assistance.

How many times have you seen someone who was confused or distressed and you were hesitant to offer aid? We are taking away that hesitation by creating visibility and helping people understand this person has memory or health issues and may need more time, patience and understanding. This awareness will be invaluable when the wearer is out and about alone, especially if they become lost.

Unique Personal Code

Connected to our Emergency Helpline Service enabling a swift reunion.

Each bracelet comes with its own unique code which enables you to securely enter and update important information on our website. On your account you can enter important and relevant information which can be used in the case of our Helpline being called:

Telephone numbers and names for 3 Emergency Contacts.

Calming Information - you can enter topics of conversation e.g. their favourite music or a job they used to do, which can be discussed whilst waiting for the emergency contact to arrive, helping to keep them calm and avoid distress.

Basic Medical Information - this can be used in the event of an accident or emergency.

Previous Wandering History - this information can be useful if your loved one wanders or is in danger of wandering. You can keep a record of when, where they were trying to get to and where they were found. This can shorten search times in the event of a wandering episode.