How Wrist-Assured Was Born

A few years ago a member of our family with Vascular Dementia was in the Bank with her husband. In the Bank she whispered to a member of staff that she was there against her will and didn’t know the man she was with. The Bank questioned her husband and in the few minutes it took to establish the facts she had walked out of the Bank and vanished. Her husband was frantic and had absolutely no idea how to find his wife. She wandered around for hours, confused and distressed. She couldn’t find her way home because she couldn’t remember where she lived. Despite the family frantically searching, without luck, it was a number of hours before she wandered into a shop where a member of staff realised she needed help and called the emergency services. Following the missing persons report she eventually made it home.

This terrifying experience is one many people have been through. We have all heard the stories on the radio or seen them on the news, about how people with memory or health issues have wandered off. They often wander without thinking about changing out of their slippers or putting on a coat and more often than not, leave the house without a purse or wallet so no identification. They can wander off at any time of the day or night, rain or shine.

What can be done to ensure someone who has dementia, autism, memory or other health issues, is clearly visible as someone who may need help or need more time and patience? How can we encourage people to offer assistance if they see someone who is distressed, confused, possibly lost and clearly needing help?

This is how our Wrist-Assured (WA) Bracelet was born, creating discreet visibility through simplicity and encouraging community caring.

The FEATURES PAGE tells you all about our Bracelet and the Helpline service where you can read about the multiple benefits of what we offer and what we do.

Wrist- Assured - Your 'piece' of mind.

Who is Behind Wrist-Assured?

Sonia Short

Founder & CEO Wrist-Assured

A life-long passion for people and supporting them in times of need proved the catalyst for Sonia setting up her Wrist-Assured business. Following a successful career in sales and team management dating back to 2005, a family incident where a relative with dementia got lost for several hours finally prompted her to look at how she could put those special support skills to better use for those who needed it most.

In depth research and expert feedback indicated the clear need for a product and service to support families who have vulnerable loved ones with memory/health issues. That valuable knowledge coupled with Sonia’s personal experience resulted in the launch of an affordable, unique mechanism called Wrist-Assured in 2020.

I can think of nothing more rewarding than contributing to making people’s lives better. A very personal life experience encouraged me to provide some level of solace to people affected by the day-to-day challenges presented by Dementia, Alzheimers, Autism and other memory or health related problems.

Sonia is based in Dundalk, has 3 grown-up children and 2 grandchildren.

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