Medical Alert Identity Bracelet with 24/7 EMERGENCY HELPLINE

Providing an innovative solution for people with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Autism and other Memory or Health Issues and their Carers. It sits discreetly on the wearer's wrist but alerts others to come to the aid of those who appear confused, lost, distressed, have a medical emergency or are involved in an accident.

How does it work?

Our Emergency Helpline number and a User code is printed on each of the uniquely designed and patented identity bracelets.

After buying and receiving the ID bracelet you then register it by clicking on the 'Register' Tab.

The User code allows you to create an account where you can enter important information such as Emergency Contact telephone numbers and names, medical information, information on how to keep the wearer calm and previous wandering info (if relevant). The Emergency Helpline is active immediately the bracelet is registered.

When the Helpline is called by either the emergency services or a member of the public we immediately reach out to the Emergency contacts and take the necessary steps.

Our Mission:

To allow the wearer independence for longer, to preserve dignity with a discreet but recognisable solution, to raise awareness and remove stigma, and to save vital time in any type of emergency including medical or a wandering episode.

Emergency Helpline

Providing a vital caring and personal service - 24/7.

Patented Closing Mechanism

Virtually impossible to remove by wearer, giving 'piece' of mind.

Creating Visibility and Awareness

Helping others understand – encouraging assistance.

Unique Personal Code

Connected to our Helpline Service enabling a swift reunion.

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