Medical Alert Identity Bracelet with 24/7 EMERGENCY HELPLINE

Wrist-Assured is a 24/7 Emergency Response Service for people living with types of dementia such as Alzheimer's and other memory problems.

It's a fuss-free proven method of identification for emergency situations such as wandering, medical, accidents and episodes of confusion or visible distress.

The Wrist-Assured ID Bracelet ensures the swift identification and safe return of individuals whilst respecting their privacy.

How does it work?

24/7 Helpline:

Each Wrist-Assured ID Bracelet is printed with our emergency helpline telephone number and a unique code.

When a call comes in from a member of the public, our team at Wrist-Assured record the information and reach out to the individuals Emergency Contacts, passing on all relevant details. Should the call come in from one of the emergency services after recording the details we pass necessary information to both them and the family, to enable a safe return. Wrist-Assured continues to monitor progress until the situation is resolved.

Secure Profile:

Emergency Contacts - 3 contacts with phone numbers and relationship to the individual.

Health Information - can be shared with emergency services or medical staff in the case of an accident or medical incident.

Reassuring Information - entering a topic of conversation such as the name of a loved one, a previous job or the name of a pet can help reduce stress and agitation until help arrives.

Previous Wandering History - this can help shorten search times in the event of a wandering episode.

Emergency Helpline

Providing a vital caring and personal service - 24/7.

Patented Closing Mechanism

Virtually impossible to remove by wearer, giving 'piece' of mind.

Creating Visibility and Awareness

Helping others understand – encouraging assistance.

Unique Personal Code

Connected to our Helpline Service enabling a swift reunion.

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